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D-Day minus one month

December 17th, 2009 · No Comments · Phil

Tickets purchased. Departure is a month from today, Jan 17. Thinking back to three and a half years ago when we were camped at the gate in O’Hare for five hours, banging through the last of our 100+ wedding thank-yous, unaware that we had first-class tickets and we could have been living large in the British Airways lounge. Now we’re on the verge of heading back to MN and its 80-degree temperature swing.

Who knows what the memories of leaving will be. Paige is working up until 48 hours before lift-off so she’ll have no time to think about it. We’re starting to go through our belongings, figuring out what can stay and what can go. It promises to be as hectic and sleep-depriving as the 72 hours leading up to June 26, 2006.

So far I think the hardest part is going to be saying good-bye to our kampala staff. Two drivers, three guards, an office attendant, a gardener and our nanny. They are all Odin’s constant companions through the day and they love working together and for us. They’re not going to be happy to see us go, and that’s going to be hard.

We’ll miss the the garden and the house. Odin is going from his lush tropical world to an 800 square foot prison. Time to live up to his Norse roots and learn to play in the snow!

Have you seen my African packing list? You should really check it out. I don’t think I’ll do one for the trip home, but we’ll see…

More soon. I have ideas of doing some posts about the nuts and bolts of living in Uganda.


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