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November 18th, 2009 · 2 Comments · Phil

I’m back in Kampala. I was in the Minnesota for six+ weeks doing all sorts of things. In some particular order, playing ultimate with Surly, the Mpls masters team, house shopping and subsequent frustrating dealing with banks house buying, job hunting, cat transport, etc… Jump ahead for more details and lotsa photos of all the AndersonBowen goings ons

One final family portrait in Kampala before we packed Uno and Ttaano in to their crates and off to the airport. It was really really stressful for me traveling with the cats. Makes me glad we brought them back to the states now and not together when we move home next month(!)

And actually, I was thinking about it later and realized that we wouldn’t have been allowed to transport the cats in December when we moved. The airlines have temperature restrictions and it would have been too cold. Here they are on the conveyor Detroit.

This was my second year playing with Surly. I played with them in 2007, my first year of eligibility (have to be 33 yrs) and skipped last year ‘cos I had a kid or something. It’s a great team and feels almost as close as the teams I was on at Carleton. Hmmm, maybe that’s because there are six of us on Surly (see pic below). Anyway, we made finals for the third year in a row, but couldn’t close the deal. Another in a long line of second places for me in various national championships. On the plus side, we qualified for the World Championships in Prague CZE this summer, so off to Europe in July!

I did some photo and design work while I was home and was errand boy for a weekend helping my mom out with the 50 on 50th art fair in Mpls.

Meanwhile, back at the bat cave, Paige’s mom had arrived to help out at home and play with Odin for four weeks. There was a work trip to Nairobi, a work trip to Ssembabule, Halloween in Jinja, and a wknd vacation to Mbale and Sipi Falls. Busy Busy! By all accounts, and photographic evidence supports this, a fantastic time was had by all.

Sipi Falls self portrait

Feeding the giraffe in Kenya!

Carving pumpkins (not actually pumpkins) in Jinja…

…and dressing up as a skeleton for trick or treat!

And the next day, mama jumped.

I spent a good deal of my time in Mpls house shopping, actually finding a good candidate pretty quickly. After the shopping and the inspecting and the offering and the accepting, things bogged down a bit so we won’t end up closing until some time in Dec. Lots of people have commented to me how crazy? weird? impressive? it is that I could buy our house without Paige ever having seen it. Hopefully it gets the seal of approval once we get back for real. :/ Here’s a shot of the place. It’s small, like us.

So we’re moving back at the end of the year. Not exactly sure when…depends on our holiday plans and work stuff. Once back we’re each hoping to put together a bunch of jobs. I’m working for the family business part time and am credentialed to shoot at the Olympics in Vancouver in Feb. Paige can do whatever she wants because she’s very much in demand in the intl development/academic/management fields she’s been involved in. But she’s also very much ready to spend some real time with Odin. So she’ll work as much or as little as possible and we’ll split time with the boy.

So that’s some of the news for now. be sure to check out the Anderson Bowen youtube page for lots of recent Odin videos. To finish, here’s some pics of the boy from the day after I returned.


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    • 1 Jim // Nov 18, 2009 at 11:32 am

      Great post, Phil! Great pics! Loved seeing the house! Loved reading all the news! Love using exclamation marks!!

    • 2 Weslie // Nov 18, 2009 at 4:15 pm

      Ditto what Jim said!! ;)

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