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August 14th, 2009 · No Comments · Phil

arg. none of my texts during this trip posted to twitter from my phone. here they are in order. also included are my facebook status updates which get texted to a ugandan phone number. technology. crazy. i hear they even have the internet on computers these days.

15:06:36 09-08-2009 Sardines in a land cruiser. On the road to karamoja…

19:15:05 09-08-2009 Moroto. 10 hours later. #fb

06:09:12 10-08-2009 6am on the road to the kraal. Photographing cows children and soldiers

06:11:00 10-08-2009 status photo work in karamoja the next 3 days Recipient:

18:09:23 10-08-2009 Doing 120 on bouncy gravel. Boyz 2 men blasting. Blasting.

19:02:51 10-08-2009 Not loving the irony that the psycho/social health worker we drove 1hr to meet was too drunk to function

19:31:10 10-08-2009 Not surprisingly, a manyatta after dark can get kind of crazy. Those ones love having their picture taken

07:55:57 11-08-2009 A kenyan soldier at breakfast! Wish that swahili were in Kampala, would have been nice to learn a language

15:00:00 11-08-2009 On the way to Kotido. And then… #fb

15:05:19 11-08-2009 Realizing that the reason i’m not completely jaded with Uganda is because i don’t work here. Doesn’t take much

16:24:48 11-08-2009 Got 4K and want to do what i’m doing?

20:38:44 11-08-2009 I love listening to Ugandans talk about how poorly Obama is doing & how bad things are in the states. Oh, wait, no i don’t.

06:39:31 12-08-2009 Good morning Kotido!

08:04:05 12-08-2009 Blood flowing from the cow to the cup. That’s a first for me

10:17:15 12-08-2009 status Kaabong! Recipient:

12:06:00 12-08-2009 I’d never held an AK-47 before.

07:24:15 13-08-2009 Heading back to KLA from Kotido. Another 8 hours in the back of a long-bed land cruiser. Spine is not happy.

07:27:19 13-08-2009 status Kotido > Kampala. Recipient:

15:08:31 13-08-2009 I gotta raise my rates.

15:42:17 13-08-2009 120 on a new road and my own seat. Thats more like it. Iron and wine on the headphones


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