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April 15th, 2009 · 1 Comment · Phil

hi, remember us? i mean, it’s not like i need to update this thing because you’re all on facebook anyway. but if you insist, here is a quick rundown. words, photos, and videos after the jump!

it’s been pretty busy around these parts. the train of grandparents has left the station after three months. my mom was here in january, paige’s parents february into march, and my dad and stepmom in march.

i went to finland and norway for two weeks in march to photo world cup nordic skiing action. great weather, locations, racing and great north american results. i got up and running, hopefully more to come there.

paige has been busy busy with work, and i’ve actually been (gasp!) working a bunch, too. doing some photo stuff around uganda with more to come, and hopefully even more after that. check out the most recent project:

and then of course there is odin. he is growing like crazy. well, maybe not so much growing, but progressing. he is climbing up and standing on his own. totally mobile, which makes our job more exciting. I’ve added some new videos on youtube with more to come. we just picked out a few that we will upload. here is a funny one from two months ago:

ok. more soon. ha!


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    • 1 Sara // Apr 16, 2009 at 5:42 am

      Yaaaaayyy Malaria!!! Nice work Pbo- excellent video. I’m going to show it to all my classmates =)


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