Sunday, April 01, 2007


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ttaano is adorable! i have never seen markings like those on his face. how you could you not love that face?? i hope uno adapts and you can all live happily ever after.

4/02/2007 08:04:00 PM  

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introducing ttaano

the latest addition to the anderson bowen household is a tiny black and white cutie in the form of a 6-week old kitten that we've dubbed ttaano (pronounced ta-no) - luganda for 5. over the years there've been stray cats and dogs between uno and ttaano which accounted for 2, 3, and 4. yes, we're very creative with our naming scheme.

driving up mbuya hill on monday we passed a potentially sleeping, potentially dead kitten lying on the side of the road. phil was unanimously elected as the one to investigate since i wouldn't do so well finding a mangled kitten on the side of the road. lucky for all of us, ttaano was curled in a ball sleeping and responded with furtive, well-bellied meows to phil's tsk tsks. little did we know that those first meows were an indication of ttaano's persistent propensity for talking. so unlike quiet, observant uno. we're hoping ttaano grows out of his chatty cathy phase as he grows bigger.

the uno / ttaano introduction was drawn out over the first week - first to not stress uno, second to make sure ttaano didn't have any crazy infectious disease. uno is tolerant but cautious and is the one to run away when ttaano tries to get too much affection rubbing uno's belly. once uno figures out that he's 10 times bigger than ttaano, i'm hoping that he relaxes back to his regular laid-back, content self.

we're not commiting ourselves to being a two-cat household, yet. right now it's a waiting game to see how uno adapts. i anticipate though that the longer we wait, the harder it'll be to send ttaano away.