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first-time party hosts

we've been together close to 7 years, living together for 3 1/2 and we've never lived in a place where we could truly throw a party. we do now, so yesterday we threw a going-away party for our friends chris and lindsey.

new year's eve 2003-2004 i tried to throw a party at our apartment in mpls. 6 guests - 2 didn't show and the other 4 came 5 minutes before midnight. i'd made food and snacks, bought drinks, cleaned and decorated the house. it was a huge disappointment for me and definitely made me "once biten, twice shy." the night wasn't a total bust luckily, we salvaged it by hanging out with my brother and sister and extras, but i certainly wasn't going to jump back into hosting any parties anytime soon.

my only past successful excursions into playing hostess came at the cabin. there was a stretch during our last 2 years in mpls where we regularly had friends to the cabin for long weekends - it's easy to entertain at a place that has built-in entertainment. i'll be excited to reinstate the weekends at the cabin once we're back in mn.

new year's '03-'04 was in the back of my mind yesterday as we waited for guests to show up. the first hour ticked by with no one. argh - not again! alas, history wasn't going to repeat itself and the party turned out to be a huge hit. all told we had something like 35 people, the first ones arriving at 1ish in the afternoon, the last ones leaving at 1ish at night. i really think it's all about the location. our patio is perfect for chatting, the garden is great for kids and games, the main room in the house is a good conversation starter with its dramatic ceiling and expansive view of the city.

hosting a party in africa is the way to go, i'm telling you. you have a cleaner to clean the house before, a husband to do all the grocery shopping, a cook to cook an amazing spread of food, a cleaner to clean the house after. none of which will break the bank. all i did was invite people and enjoy the party. i know, i have such a tough life.