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i have to laugh at your description of uno's change of temperament as he gradually realized you weren't going to let him outside. it's a response i know all too well. calvin is pissed off right now because there is too much snow for outdoor privileges, but another 50+ degree day and he'll be free. :)

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following the tradition of NGOs in africa, we recently installed road signs pointing the way to our offices. added visibility is good for the organization. an unforseen but expected consequence, however, is that the signs bring people knocking at the door looking for a job. robert, our guard/gardener, tells me that in the days since the signs went up he has "too many!" visitors asking for jobs.

when we first moved in, pre-signs, several people stopped by with credentials (resumes, recommendations, employment history) looking for jobs as cleaners, cooks, gardeners. one woman visited with her small daughter asking for school fees. the new mzungus were in the neighborhood and everyone knows that we employ. now post-signs, everyone knows that NGOs employ and they've redoubled their attempts to find gainful employment.

they're even looking for a job at 7:45am on a saturday morning. no joke. the painfully high unemployment here compels people to be excruciatingly persistant and dedicated so that they are the ones that get lucky this time. but, then when i'm hiring for professional positions, i spend months recruiting trying to find qualified people to no avail. it's a dichotomy that i'm grappling with now as more and more people come knocking for jobs i don't have and no one shows for those jobs that i do.

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