Sunday, March 18, 2007


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ultimate, post-7HC

sunday pickup was fun for me tonight for the first time in a good 1.5 months. following the tournament (see 7HC), maybe i was a little burned out. i'm struggling with the constant restart - this is a forehand, this is a stack, this is a cut - that comes from having new players every week. i would love to coach a core group of 15 players. that core of 15 would be a-mazing; we have some serious athletes with serious skill playing with us and i daydream about the possibilities of ultimate greatness... but, in reality, i have yet to find a suitable method of separating the 15 from the rest while still supporting the remaining players to learn and have fun.

i'm excited that we've built our club up to 45+ players, but i've been discouraged in not feeling like i've made any progress in skills-building, spirit-teaching, strategy-coaching. then, tonight comes along and my motivation is rejuvenated. no different than in the u.s., we're in need of fields. our former home (kampala rugby club) is no longer available (rugby drama stirred up by emma being traded from the rhinos to the pirates; the kampala rugby club pitch is controlled by a high-up member of the rhinos hierarchy, who's now feeling stiffed by emma...drama), so for the past two weeks we've been homeless. tonight we shared a pitch with a volleyball tournament, no room for a full field but enough to play a box game and mini. because we were hard to find, for the first hour of training i was blessed with 10 players and i was actually able to teach something (the buttonhook cut) and run a great drill (flygirl). we then played a series of 4-minute 3 v. 3 games in the box where 7 completed throws in a row counted as one point. everyone loved it. next, as more players trickled in, we played a series of 3-minute 5 v. 5 make-it-take-it games on a 40 x 25 yard field with 15 yard endzones. again, everyone loved it. success for one night.

next weekend is centex - the perennial start to the paige/phil coaching season. i'm feeling very nostalgic for syzygy, so it was good timing to have a rewarding coaching experience tonight. sometimes i feel like i'm pushing against the river, but tonight i did no pushing.

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