Thursday, January 11, 2007


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a night in london

that title was going to be "homeless in london" or "a night in heathrow," but thanks to modern technology and a helpful husband, it's neither. en route to denver for the upa annual board meeting, i'm holed up with a 23 hour layover in london - go british airways! i tried to book a hotel ahead of time, but couldn't find anything under $80. unacceptable. alas, i landed in london with no idea where to stay tonight. the hotel reservations people at heathrow were no help (120 pounds for a hotel room, are you kidding me?!) and i consigned myself to sleeping on the floor somewhere in the airport (a nice policeman promised he wouldn't kick me out in the middle of the night when he did his sweep for homeless bums).

enter modern tech. to procrastinate on the inevitability of an uncomfortable night's sleep, i decided to check my email. lucky me - phil had gone to kampala's premiere bookstore (aristoc), took a look at lonely planet london, and emailed me info for a reasonably priced hotel not so far from heathrow. he's a rockstar, i'm telling you. 1.5 hours, a tube ride, and a short walk later and i'm set up in a room with a bed. yes.

two pluses in london's favor as compared to kampala: (1) an iffy wireless connection thru the hotel is loads faster than our internet connection at home which costs $118/month, (2) you can get by completely on credit cards.